Tobii Pro Glasses 2 - Hay Day Gaze Replay

May 20, 2016 ux
A short video showing the participant playing a popular mobile game called Hay Day.


Ulla Price March 15, 2019 03:21 AM Delete

I very like this game it's fun on behalf of me and my seven year previous thereforen therefore i feel it's sensible for several age's and nice|an excellent|a good} time waster and square measure there a lot of games like this not snakes specifically however an analogous conception with obstacles and a goal and even as difficult however conjointly simple if you perceive what i am making an attempt to mention simply an analogous reasonably game therefore all over again this game was really fun and that i had a good time taking {part in} it the Endless part and conjointly within the levels and my son conjointly enjoyed it so thanks for this great game