Tobii Pro Glasses 2 - Cockpit Demonstration

A cockpit simulator demonstration performed with Tobii Pro Glasses 2. The video showcases the power of this training tool within the complex control environments of advanced planes/vehicles. The colored dot in the videos represents the precise point of focus of the trainee-pilot. In industries involving visual skills, it is crucial to understand an individual's visual strategy and systematically evaluate it. Gathering insights into performance will help you to identify best skills and practices. You will also be able to see wasted steps and improvements areas that you can address with proper training programs. Improve safety in your workplace by knowing exactly at which stage of the process human errors occur and their underlying factors.

In almost all high-skill tasks, it is very difficult for the expert to articulate exactly what separates his or her technique from that of a beginner. Using eye tracking to get visual outputs like gazeplots, heatmaps and areas of interest metrics, you can quickly and easily compare the performance of a novice worker with a more skilled one. This will help you discover what is behind the best practices of the more experienced people on your team.

With eye tracking from Tobii Pro, you can take your training and performance evaluation to the next level!