The Use of Eye Tracking Technology in Sport Psychology

Tobii Pro
September 22, 2015 pp, sport psychology, sports, sports research
How do you bring eye tracking technology from the lab into real life? This UCD Innovation video focuses on the use of eye tracking technology in sport psychology within the UCD School of Psychology.

Sport is played with the body but won mainly with the mind says Professor Aidan Moran of the UCD School of Psychology. Professor Moran is interested in the mental processes that distinguish expert sportspeople from beginners in golf, tennis and other sports.

In this video, Professor Moran, with the help of Conor Niland and Dr Mark Campbell, uses eye tracking technology to demonstrate how expert sportspeople display different patterns of eye fixation to beginners. Conor Niland is a tennis coach and former professional tennis player and Dr Mark Campbell is a graduate of the UCD School of Psychology and a former professional golfer.

Professor Moran is interested in the implications of this technology in the future of sports training and hopes that these patterns in eye fixation can be broken down and packaged to coaches internationally through workshops and videogames, to help them to train the next generation of young sportspeople.